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Custom Skin Control 
mani_skins_admin on = allows admins to use special admin skins,
off = disallow Admins to use special admin skins
mani_skins_public on = shows normal players all public skins,
off = dont show normal players all public skins
mani_skins_force_public on = enforce the first skin in list as the public skin,
off = dont enforce the first skin as the public skin
mani_skins_setskin_misc_only on = allow only Misc Skins via ma_setskins,
off = let you choose all Skins via ma_setskin
mani_skins_auto_download on = automatic skin download,
off = dont download skins automatically
mani_skins_reserved on = allow players with immunity to have reserved skins,
off = dont allow immunity players to use reserved skins
mani_skins_force_choose_on_join 0 = Skinmenu when changing team
1 = shows Skin when changing team
2 = shows Settingsmenu when changing team
mani_skins_random_bot_skins on = random Skins for Bots,
off = no random skins for bots